Children's parties

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The comic-duet "Plastilin" has a rich experience of work with children. Three types of various show programs are parts of the group's repertoire. Actors work according to a standard script and according to an extemporaneous one as well. Children's programs are shown in course of big holidays (on the stage) and small family parties (on the small areas) as well. There must be no less than 5 children in number; age group must be from 4 till 15 years old. All organizers' wishes are always taken into account.

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Children Entertaining Show.

Children `s entertaining show can be held on any assumed stage. The dramatizing performance with a participation of the spectators, doing tricks and carrying out games are included in the show. The show is held in a cheerful atmosphere. Presents and souvenirs are given out to everybody. There must be no less than 6 children in number. Age group is from 5 to 12 years old. The show is held in 3 languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English. The duration of the show is from 30 minutes to 1 hour. All necessary for the performance (the musical equipment, the stage, costumes and phonograms) is available. All the clients` wishes are taken into consideration.

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