The comic-duet was founded in 1994 in Kiev. Its staff is 2 persons.

We graduated from the Kiev Variety-Circus College.

We are the laureates of "Arkadiy Raykin" competition in 1995.

We are permanent participants and "Yumorina" prize-winners in Odessa and we got "Grand Prix" of the funniest show in Odessa in 1996.

Since 1997 we have been taken an active part in clown festivals in Holland, France, Switzerland and Great Britain (Edinburgh Festival). The comic-duet participated in the Ukrainian festivals "Perlyny Sezonu", "Tavriyskie Igry". During 4 seasons we worked in Kiev National Circus. We worked in the entertainment park "Happy Land" (Damascus, Syria).

Since 2000 we have been worked in Germany: Europe-Circus, "Cronn" Circus, "Winter Garden" variety show.

We are permanent participants of acts of charity "Hope and Good to Ukrainian Children". In 2004 we were the participants of the "Distorting Mirror" program.

We are the organizers of video-comics "Plasticine queer fish".

We are permanent guests of Kiev night clubs, presentations.

The comic-duet "Plastilin" offers a general program with 60-70 minutes duration, various children's programs with 40-60 minutes duration. Individual tricks for night variety shows with erotic shade. We are experienced showmen and we have an experience of conducting competitions.

Besides, we offer solo performance "Behind the Heavens" with 60-90 minutes duration.

actors - Oleg Litvinskiy, Andrey Obukhov.
manager - Anatoliy Volkov

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